We are a small indie studio With big dreams of making amazing Virtual Reality games and other content.

Paradise Falls

The first of many titles to come, Paradise Falls is a zombie survival shooter, set on the fictional island of Paradise Falls.   The player must use there wits as well as what ever supplies they can scavenge from the island to make their way to safety before it is too late

Release Date: TBD

Polygun Series 

In an effort to raise funds for our projects, We are creating and selling low poly high quality assets to help out all you other developers.  These models are optimized for VR projects and are perfect for any FPS projects.

So far only one pack has been released, many more are soon to follow.

Scorpion Evo 3
H&K UMP 45
Kriss Vector
Mac 10
FN P90
9x19 Vityaz-SN

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